Main Library

Barnes Library

AW Hub Study Lounge

Harding Study Lounge

The Learning Centre

Mason Lounge


The Link

The Loft

Spaces are currently monitored from 9am – 6pm, Mon – Fri. Over the Easter vacation, we will only be updating occupancy at the Main Library and the Barnes Library.

For locations and facilities at each space, see our libraries and Study Spaces.

Total capacities at each space:

Main Library 2,082*, Barnes Library 218, Hub Study Lounge 67, The Learning Centre 108**, The Link 160, The Loft 175, Mason Lounge 178, Nuffield 67, Harding 150

*This figure includes all seats in the Main Library, including group study rooms, the Research Suite and the ASC. Note that the café, Wolfson Room and Library Lounge are not included in the count in the coloured bar.

**The count does not include bookable computer clusters (i.e. those which are also used for teaching)